Tutus4Twos – Teddy Bear Ballet

Choreography Notes: T4T Ballet – Teddy Bear Ballet

(Video Coming Soon!)

Opener – Tap – We Are Dancer

Choreography Notes: OPENER – We are Dancers Recital 2014

PPI Tap – This is the Way

Choreography Notes: PPI Tap – This Is The Way

PPI Ballet – Ballet is So Much Fun To Do

Choreography Notes: PPI Ballet – Ballet Is So Much Fun To Do

Video Coming Soon!

PPII Tap – Barnyard Boogie

Choreography Notes: PPII Tap – Barnyard Boogie

PPII Ballet – Sweet Treats

Choreography Notes: PPII Ballet – Sweet Treats

Com I Tap – Happy Feet

Choreography Notes: COM I Tap – Happy Feet

Com I Ballet – Frozen

Choreography Notes: Coming Soon!

Video Coming Soon!

All – 5 Positions

(Self explanatory) Everyone will need to know this, regardless of level. It will be preformed by all classes at the end of the recital.

Also, please remember that Reverence will also need to be practiced. During this, we will be handing out metals, so it is important that your students know what to expect.