Fall 2018 Frosty Follies & Nutcraker Sweet Treats Performance Fee + Red & White Striped Tights

As is stated in the MCC Fall Program Guide (Page 40): “Students who perform in optional events will incur a costume/performance fee”. A $85 fee per class, per child will be due on October 10th. This covers the cost of costume rentals, backdrop rental, props, event staffing costs, programs, music editing,  a small photo trinket for memory of this special event and 4 tickets per family to the Alden Theatre, (There will be an opportunity to request for more tickets at a later time. Announcements will be made via email).

Elf  Tights:  Joy of Dance will order small, medium and large red & white striped tights for children to KEEP.  They will be $5.00 each available when costumes are handed out. 

Number of Children per Class
Red & White Striped Tights
**Child(ren) First & Last Name

Donations for Cast Party

We thank every one who will graciously donate to this year’s annual Cast Party, which is 100% funded by parent donations. $20 donations would be greatly appreciated as these funds will go towards cast party materials, food, room rental and teacher gifts. There will be an opportunity to make donations via cash or check through a donation box, set up by JOD Staff.